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No.1 Pest control Service Provider in South India.
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No.1 Pest control Service Provider in South India.

Unique Pest Control has been providing quality pest control services to residential, commercial and Industrial properties in India. All of our services are provided with paramount care to households and the environs. Our highly trained specialists will be able to assist you and our workforce will be able to help you with a pest problem that you may be confronting at your property.

However Unique Pest Control Chennai is predominately familiar with its products, and the company is consequential a knowledge enterprise With our powerful R&D base, we believe that dispensing expertise skills and training staff is a supreme step towards accomplishing sustainable cultivation. After 15 years of attentiveness to imparting exhaustive, one-stop solutions in our field of competence.

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Rodent control

Unique Pest Control has custom service of a specialized rodent control which is eco-friendly.Our products in world-class service of rodent control to international food safety standards

Cockroach Control

Unique Pest Control has custom solutions that cohere to international food protection predictable based on the size and performance of the company

Disinfection Service

Unique Pest Control has developed an integrated Disinfection Service Treatment & Control Virus to suit your specific needs.Unique Pest Control has a unique and exclusive technology for your locality

Bed Bugs Control

Unique Pest Control experts inspects the premises to control the location of infestation, after which spot treatment is provided to restrict the infestation.

Termites Control

Unique Pest Control has developed an integrated Termite Treatment & Control Service to suit your specific needs.

Housefly Control

Unique Pest Control in consultation with the client, designs a custom program to deal with the specific pest issues faced by the customer at the site.

Mosquitoes Control

Unique Pest Control provides vital information enumerate various precautionary measures against mosquitoes to protect your family from dormant mosquito-borne diseases.

Snake Control

Unique Pest Control has designed to act as a preventive measure, tat to stops snakes from entering the premises thereby stopping the problem at its source.

Birds Control

Unique Pest Control range of exclusive products serves to stop birds from entering prospective nesting or landing territory.

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We are an expert team that provides pest control service and Termite control services to protect you and your assets from physical damages.


Wide experience base in pest control and environmental management and Termite control services to protect you and your assets from physical damages


For over 40 years, we have been offering full-service expert pest control with all certified pest control technicians being licensed, bonded, and insured.

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