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Unique Pest Management has integrated termite treatment to suit your needs. Get rid of termites from your home as soon as possible if you’re infested by these damaging pests. Termite control services and pest management are our specialties, and we offer competitive and genuine rates

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Service Details - TERMITE CONTROL

Guaranteeing the Finest Termite Solution

Our dedicated team of technicians and experts is equipped to effectively eliminate termites. We are here to safeguard your home and property from any termite infestation.

Anti Termite Treatment for existing building Post construction

Stage 1: Drill

Holes are drilled along this junction, spaced 18–20 inches apart, with a diameter of 12 mm. The depth of the holes is 6′ for the entire foundation and 4″ for the floor premises.

Stage 2: Fill

A termiticide solution is then injected under pressure into these holes, creating a barrier to prevent termites from entering.

Stage 3: Mud Tube Removal

To control the movement of termites, visible mud tubes that serve as their shelter are sprayed with treatment. Afterward, the mud tubes are removed, and the infested area is treated to eliminate the termites.

Outer Area

It is important to treat the soil around the building’s foundation. This treatment, known as rodding, involves applying anti-termite measures to the soil up to a depth of 500 mm below ground level. If the building is surrounded by a garden, the treatment should also be extended to the soil in immediate contact with the building to ensure comprehensive protection against termites.

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The legacy of unique pest management

For 20+ Years, Unique Pest Management has provided the best termite control in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu for residential, commercial, and Industrial properties in South India. We offer one-stop solutions in our field of competence. All of our services are provided with paramount care for households and the surrounding area. Unique Pest Management has persistently endeavored to establish higher-grade and more cost-effective products.

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