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Unique Pest Control has designed to act as a preventive measure, tat to stops snakes from entering the premises thereby stopping the problem at its source.Ensuring the removal and prevention of snake infestation is vital for safety.

Being surprised by a snake in your yard or garden is never a pleasant experience, but there are ways to motivate them away from your home or business. The first thing to do is make your outdoor living space unappealing for snakes by clearing away piles of debris and leaves they could build nests in from the environment.for immediate snake control call now!

Snake bites in India

The fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias people have. It is quite understandable – some snakes are venomous, capable of killing us.India is reported to have the highest number of snake bites - 81,000 and deaths 11,000 every year.Snake bite is a neglected public health problem in tropical and subtropical countries, where rural populations are mainly affected.


Services we provide

We provide services forsnakes control treatment. Snake powder mixed with sand and Spread in outside.It doesn't matter if it’s Snakes or other reptiles, Unique Pest Control will keep your home safe. We pride ourselves in providing same day snake control and removal services for homes, offices and condos.
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