Reticulation Piping Method


Unique Pest Control has developed an integrated Termite Treatment & Control Service to suit your specific needs.
Unique Pest Control has a unique and exclusive technology for Termite control for your locality. Wood plays an important role in construction. Wherever there is wood, there are bound to be termites and if left unchecked, these pests can cause substantial damage to the structure. Termite Control Services Booking Call: +91 9941916916.


Damages Caused by Termites

Termites never Sleep. Every year, They inflict more than 5 billion Dollar Worth of Property damage according to the national pest management association. Termite species have existed on earth for over 250 million years. The largest termite colony contained over three million termites. A termite queen can live 15 to 25 years and lay an egg every 15 seconds. One more thing, termite damages are not covered in home insurance Also. Book a Free Inspection Call Us: 9941916916.

Termite Control Services We Provide

Unique Pest Control offers both Pre-construction and post-construction anti-termite treatments to ensure your home and property are protected from destructive termite attacks. The chemical emulsion will be applied uniformly at below the prescribed rate in all the Stages of treatment. We are mainly using hand operators sprayer for the chemical Uniformity and also watering will be using the application of chemical emulsion.

Pre-construction Termite Control Services - Revolutionary Method of Anti Termite treatment Reticulation system piping method 50 Years Warranty

Pre-construction Termite Control Services (Conventional Method of Anti-Termite Treatment) 10 Years Warranty

Existing Building (Post-construction Termite Control)5 Years Warranty

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Reticulation Piping System of Anti-Termite Treatment – Revolutionary Method

Unique Pest Management is the best pest control and anti-termite treatment provider in all over south India. With our advanced methodologies and modern techniques, we provide the most efficient and pocket-friendly new construction pest control solutions, reticulated termite treatment, anti-termite treatment and other such treatments for pest and termite problems.
Our innovative Termite Elimination Method is an innovative and revolutionary process developed by us to offer you the best result to your pest control problem. It is a technology involving intelligent network which includes pipes and valves with built-in drippers. The network of pipes is laid under the floor, inside and outside the building. Eco-friendly Pesticides are pumped into the network which spreads uniformly in the soil, all around the construction. Pumping is done through imported drippers to restrict the entry of termites and other pests in the structure. We offer our patented reticulated termite treatment designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs, for protection against infestation by termites and other pests.

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reticuation Piping Method
Close up View for reticulated piping
Reticulated Piping Pumbing Machine

What is Reticulation Piping System of Anti-Termite Treatment

A reticulated piping system is a unique method of laying an 8mm jointless tubing network which is incorporated at the preconstruction stage. The tube is made up of LLDP (Low Linear Density Poly-ethylene) having perforation (dripper) at every running foot (12 inches). Â Behind every perforation there is a pressure value welded, which is supposed to open in the presence of 2IBS (To maintain equal/even distribution of emulsion). We lay this tube at the inner periphery running all wall to wall (taking extra precaution in the kitchen/bathroom area) after completing the loop, we create junctions outside the structure (taking both the dead conduits). Similarly, we make the loop of the outer periphery then the chemical is to be injected through this network in the future.

As we are injecting chemicals through this network it reaches all entry points of termite (as looping of drainage pipes is also done) and creates the barrier. The best part is we inject only the optimum quantity of chemicals and creating the barrier at entry points, whereas in the conventional method we have to spray chemicals all over the ground even at the places treatment is not required.

Every 2 years from the treatment, the pesticide pumping will be done through the junction boxes fixed outside the building. This enables the pumping of pesticides without any disturbance or hindrance. The pesticide pumped through the junction boxes will spread in the entire area and will protect the structure and articles from termites and make your home a Termite free Home.

The benefits of the Reticulation piping method of anti-termite treatment include

Long-term protection:

Reticulation piping systems can provide long-term protection against termites by continuously releasing a small amount of pesticide into the soil, creating a barrier that prevents termites from entering a structure.

Targeted application:

Reticulation piping systems allow for targeted application of pesticides, which can help to reduce the overall amount of chemical used and minimize the impact on the environment.

Easy maintenance:

Reticulation piping systems are easy to maintain, as they only require occasional monitoring and refilling of the chemical treatment system.


Reticulation piping method is a cost-effective solution for preventing termite infestation, as it can provide long-term protection without the need for frequent reapplication of pesticides.


Reticulation piping method is a non-invasive way to protect a structure from termites, as it does not require drilling holes or making other types of modifications to the structure.

It's important to note that Reticulation piping method is often used in conjunction with other methods such as baiting and soil treatments, to provide comprehensive protection against termites. And also it's advisable to have a Unique Pest control Like professional pest control company to install and maintain the Reticulation piping system.

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Advantages of Reticulated Piping Method of anti-Termite Treatment

1. No damage to flooring and structure thus preserves the esthetic value of the building.>

2. No exposure to pesticides We assure you that no harm is done to you by the exposure to pesticides.

3. Zero inconveniences Every 2 years from the treatment, the pesticide pumping will be done through the junction boxes fixed outside the building. This enables the pumping of pesticides without any disturbance or hindrance.
Maximum effectiveness with optimum use of pesticides Excess or less use of chemicals always harms your property and even the people live in it. Pesticides or chemicals will be used in such a manner that will maximize their effects but cannot affect the health of the individuals.

4. Foolproof Termite control We guarantee full-proof Termite Control and Termite Protection.

5. Environment Friendly All the products and chemical treatments we come up with are prepared to bear in mind that they don’t harm the environment. Ecological awareness is necessary in today’s world and we start it from here itself.
No shifting of furniture Proper care is taken in preserving the valuable physical assets of your house. Less strong chemicals are used if the termite control problem is not very serious. The customer’s health is also taken care of Termite Treatment without Pest Control operator entering your house ITEM Secure offers contemporary Termite Prevention and Termite Protection method which will last longer than any other traditional methods.

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