India is a vast, fertile country blessed with splendid natural ecosystem for different regions. Each natural habitat is habituated by a variety of flora, fauna and other species. While all the species can amicably co-exist there are always challenges in accommodating with several animal species. In such situations we refer to those animal species that cause discomfort as Pests.

When it comes to the prevalent pests of India, not all of them are active throughout the year. Some are active in summer, some are during the spring and the rest are active during the rainy season. Let’s take a look at the Major Domestic Pests that are active during each month and what to expect from them.

Indian Pests that are active in Summer Season

Summer Season is when the Pests are most active in a year. They actively prepare for winter by consuming food, preserving food, breeding and seeding into objects before getting into hibernation. Here are some of the common pests of India that are active in summer season.


Ants actively forage for food in summer. They travel far from their colonies in search of food. Humans store variety of food ingredients, spill over ready to consume foods and this attracts ants to conquer their immediate consumption as well as for preservation. The warm environment within homes, office buildings and farm houses also present them nature insulated spaces to build new colonies in preparation for the Winter Season.


Summer is when Termites are most active. The queens lay eggs in millions during summer and help building termite colonies. Woodwork, furniture, lumber and any other wooden articles are their prime source of food. Wood especially wood soaked or exposed to Water spillage are the idealistic environment for termites to invade and grow.


Fruit Flies, House flies and other form of insect pests are hyperactive in Summer. Availability of flowers, fruits, food ingredients, spillover foods from untidy, animal waste, garbage in unhygienic environments promise a thriving environment for Flies in Summer. Summer Pests gather as much energy as required to grow, breed and get ready for their winter season.


Stinger Pests like Honeybees, Wasps and other insects are prevalent in the summer season when there are flowers rich with honey, ready for pollination awaits. They wake up from winter hibernation and get ready for their mating season and establish their nests for breeding, storing their food wherever applicable.

Indian Pests that are active in Winter Rainy Season


Mosquito bites are prevalent in early summer season but the breeding happens mostly in the rainy and winter season. While mosquitoes are not killer insects by themselves, they act as carriers for various diseases that often become highly infectious to masses. Mosquitoes need clean water and plants to thrive. This is suitably available during early rainy seasons when grass, plants are green and clean, still rain water gets accumulated in human habitats.


Spiders spread their webs wide and strong throughout the summer season so that they can attract and capture smaller insects, flies during winter season. Attics, roofs, closets, furniture and places where humans don’t reach are the ideal environments for spiders to safely grow, capture their feed and survive.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs cannot survive extreme summer and cannot travel on their own to far destinations. Hence they travel along with humans when they travel during the Peak Seasons for travel during November, December. They need warm environment to grow and thrive. Hence the houses and Office buildings are ideal for bed bugs. With or without eating, Bed Bugs can survive for several months.

Indian Pests that are active throughout the Year

India has only two seasons – Summer that lasts more than 7-9 months for most of the regions and a scanty rainy season for the rest of the months. This means throughout the year, we have most of the pests that are active and there are very few pests that are not prevalent due to hibernation.


Cockroaches in general don’t survive during winter.  But the absence of cold winter makes India a very ideal destination for throughout the year prevalence of Cockroaches. They thrive multifold in untidy areas of kitchen, closets, toilets, sewage pipelines of residential homes, commercial kitchens, warehouses where human access is less.


Rodents are active throughout the year. Popular rodent species in India are rats, mice, and squirrels. Rodent Pests need warm places to grow and survive. Office buildings, warehouses and homes with access to food ingredients and spillover foods form the ideal environment for rodents to infest and cause potential damage to material and human health.

Pest Management and Pest Control is still an emerging concept in India. The scientific application of pest management and pest control can help all animal species suitably co-exist. Wherever needed Pest Control Techniques need to be applied as well to protect from voracious pest infestation and damage.

It is important to understand pests, pest life cycle in line with the pest seasonality pattern to manage or control them with natural or synthetic means. Consult a Government Recognised Pest Control Company with Pest Control Certifications and Pest Control Experts for the best results.