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  • Cock seal

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    Cock seal

    • The Most Advanced Insect bait Available, Providing A Cleaner, Smarter, Safer, Faster And More Efficient Method Of Fly And Cockroach Controls
    • It Contains Imidaclopride 2.15% W/W.
    • FLYSEAL™ Bait Applied At: Household Kitchens,Hotels,Restaurants,Railway Coaches,Offices,Hospitals,Fast Food Parlors,Shopping Malls,Cinema Halls

    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : .05%fipronil

  • Temprid

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    • 100% Genuine products sellling by Bayer crop science
    • Odourless formulation with broad spectrum activity
    • Useful for indoor and outdoor application
    • Low dose rate therefore cost effective

    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : Bayer crop science

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