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    • Non-repellent termiticide, hence termites cannot recognize the gaps present in the chemical barrier
    • Gets readily transferred between one termite and another, through contact, trophyllaxis and grooming.
    • Good soil binding properties facilitates the retention of active ingredient, minimal leaching potential into ground water.

    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : Fipronil 2.92% EC

  • CAR – RAT gel

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    CAR – RAT gel

    • Non Toxic Easy To Use Gel
    • Made From Pure And Natural Essential Oils, Safe For Entire Family
    • All Natural And Environmentally Friendly
    • Drives Rodents/Rats Out Without Harming Them
    • Ideal For Hospitals, Schools, Homes, Food Establishments, Bakeries And Vehicles

    Manufacturing By : AMAZE Industries
    Chemical Name : Rat gel

  • Cock seal

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    Cock seal

    • The Most Advanced Insect bait Available, Providing A Cleaner, Smarter, Safer, Faster And More Efficient Method Of Fly And Cockroach Controls
    • It Contains Imidaclopride 2.15% W/W.
    • FLYSEAL™ Bait Applied At: Household Kitchens,Hotels,Restaurants,Railway Coaches,Offices,Hospitals,Fast Food Parlors,Shopping Malls,Cinema Halls

    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : .05%fipronil

  • ICON

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    • Effective and powerful – this mosquito killer attracts mosquitoes with 6 LED lights and a human smell to trap the fan then sucks the mosquitoes inside and prevents them from escaping
    • No chemicals, no pesticides and odor-free – get rid of all flying insects and bugs without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Maintenance-free and easy to use mosquito killer simply plug in the mosquito trap

    Manufacturing By : Syngenta India Limited
    Chemical Name : Lamba-Cyhalothrin 10% WP

  • k-othrine

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    • Broad spectrum activity
    • WHOPES(World Heath Organisation Pesticide Evaluation System) evaluated insecticide
    • Effective in low dosages. Non-greasy, non-staining
    • Extensively used since many years
    • This product is non-returnable

    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : DELTAMETHRIN SC 25,5 G


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    • One solution for household pests of everyday situation
    • Better residual performance on variety of surfaces
    • No organic solvents hence very low odour
    • Virtually invisible spray residues

    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : imidacolprid 30.5% c


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    • 100% Genuine products sellling by only AllOut India (AllOut Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd.)
    • One feed is effective for the management of commensal rodents
    • Very low proportion of active ingredient
    • No risk of secondary poisoning
    • Ready to use wax blocks, therefore non-messy and no mixing is required

    Manufacturing By : PCI Products


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    • Rodex Catch clear Rat Trap is a heavey duty, non poisonus PVC rat glue trap- For residential & commercial Rat controltrap
    • Rodex catch clear Rat glue trap is totaly hygenic, pesticide free, Safe rat control product. This is very usefull in commercial & recidential premises without using any toxic chemical. It is non poisonus, envoirental friendly product.

    Manufacturing By : PCI Products


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    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : Cyfluthrin 5%,Malathion 50% EC

  • Temprid

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    • 100% Genuine products sellling by Bayer crop science
    • Odourless formulation with broad spectrum activity
    • Useful for indoor and outdoor application
    • Low dose rate therefore cost effective

    Manufacturing By : Bayer crop science
    Chemical Name : Bayer crop science

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