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"Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes! Reliable Mosquito Control Services for a Pest-Free Home."

Are mosquitoes ruining your outdoor fun? Don't let pesky bites and disease threats keep you indoors. We have the solution!

Unique Pest Management offers a wide range of mosquito control services all over Tamil Nadu. The mosquito is well known for its itchy bites as well as spreading dreadful diseases with a small bite. Mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, the Zika virus, cholera, influenza, etc. We provide excellent services with machines to keep your home bite-free.

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Treatments we are experts at?


The same day you contact our team, offer a free inspection of the zone of affected areas to analyze the impacts created by pests.

Once analyzed by our experts, we will explain to clients the treatments that are going to be performed.

Chemical control

Chemical insecticides will be handled by our team of experts and used to spray on mosquito breeding sites, the entire wall surface, and corners of the wall.

Larvae control

Larvae are the biggest reason for mosquito infestations, so our service focuses on clearing the possible areas by fogging and larvicidal spraying.

By using a high-pressure blower, fogging uses a fine spray of pesticide (aerosol) to kill mosquitoes… We normally do cold fogging in the garden area & thermal fogging in the outer area of the house.

Focusing on stagnant water locations like waste tires, drains, water tanks, swamp areas, and pits to control the breeding of mosquitoes.

Ready to take back your home from mosquitoes? Contact us now for a free consultation and enjoy a pest-free lifestyle!

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