Dis-infestation Service against COVID-19.

To protect the household premises and commercial areas from the damages of insects and germs we provide Effective Disinfestation Service. By using quality approved chemicals and pesticides we offer prevention and protection from the damages and contamination of harmful insects and germs. These services are basically undertaken by spraying the liquid chemicals around the surroundings to protect the whole area with no risk of harm of chemicals to human life.

disinfection services

Anti-Fungus/Anti-Microbial Dis-infestation Treatment against COVID-19” Get Rid of the Germs Virus  And Micro Organs from Premises is the Great challenge.

Healthcare institutions like hospitals and nursing homes and pharmaceutical units, food processing, and related industrial units, all mandate a high level of aerial and surface disinfection. Constant attention is required to take care of clean, microbe-free surroundings. This poses a significant problem as these areas are potential reservoirs for micro-organisms, a continuing source of infection and contamination.

The Dis-Infestation Service is meant specifically to tackle the matter of microbial contamination. We use a highly effective sterilant liquid, which is active against a good spectrum of contaminating organisms like bacteria, viruses (including HIV, hepatitis B virus &  COVID-19 ), and fungi and also possesses spermicidal action. it’s safe, non-irritating, and presents no hazard – it doesn’t damage clothes, plastic, rubber, metal, or electrical fittings. Qualified technicians perform the service under the supervision of Managers.

The premise is treated by creating a dense fog that penetrates even the foremost inaccessible places to destroy micro-organisms. the entire operation is often completed within 6 to 7 hours, compared to standard methods that need up to 24 hours. Constant in-house research and development enable to satisfy the wants of a good range of operating conditions.

Our Service areas are All commercial Places like IT sectors, Manufacturing Units, Hotel, Restaurants, Private Transport Vehicles, Etc., & Most valuable Residential Also. For Further Details Call: 9941-916-916.


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